After you make your first purchase, you will be sent an in-app notification congratulating you on the start of your cash back journey within the Fluz app. This notification will also include information on how your transaction data will be shared with other members, and prompt you to select 1 of 3 options that will allow you to modify the amount of data that is shared within the Fluz app.

These three options you will be prompted with are as follows:

    1. Private (Default) – Hides your username and avatar from everyone.
    2. Public (More Engagement) – Everyone will see your username and avatar next to your purchases.
    3. Invite – only the person that invited you will be able to see your purchase information.

Please note that Fluz will never share important details such as your real name, the exact location of a purchase, or total purchase amount. Even with the lowest privacy settings enabled (public), the most that will be displayed in the purchasing feed is your customizable username, customizable avatar (user photo), time of purchase, and the total cash back earned from that purchase.


Fluz will always maintain strict adherence to privacy and data security standards to ensure your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) always remains safe. We will never sell, distribute, or share your PII without your direct consent.